Lucas Araujo aka "Dj Ojúara", born on June 04, 1990. He currently resides in the city of Annapolis - Goiás. He had started his career in mid-2007 when he was in Portugal to study, and there met Psy Trance, where he had his first contact with a differentiated and technological sound. She has participated in festivals such as Freedom, Psybertech, Funfest, Boom Festival, etc. After that, he started playing genre music, playing in events varieties (Holographic, Decides to Smile, Serious Jokers, Guadiana Festival, among others). Standing out so far in the electronic scene of Portugal, own style of DJ along the lines of "Dark Psychedelic". Where he played left his trademark improving more and more his technique and feeling, with sequenced sets of intelligent and underground way, full of psychedelia, leaving his audience "freak" totally entranced. Currently part of the Producer (Shamanism rec./Popol-Vuh rec / Insight festival). Which has seriously work with the goal of the constant evolution of his work.

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