We are very happy to present you our first release for 2021, the First EP of Brazilian talent Goomercinda. The EP will feature five tracks and for the cyber music lovers will be for sure a big blast.

Directly from a far galaxy where the robots are now in control Goomercinda aka Nocturne, the super-intelligent cyborg comes now to present some of the newest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. Containing five tracks Goomercinda brings us some knowledge straight from the future to enjoy a journey through the vast and yet unknown technology-based cyber universe.

Track List:

01.  Goomercinda - Mentally Ready (170 bpm)
02.  Goomercinda - Signal And Noise (171 bpm)
03. Goomercinda - Science & Fiction (172 bpm)
04. Goomercinda - Neural Networks (174 bpm)
05. Goomercinda - Artificial Intelligence (175 bpm)

Written & Produced by: Goomercinda
Release by: Shamanism Records
Mastering by: Freak Attack
Artwork by: @mangata.dj

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