Extraterrestrial Mushroom is the name of the first ep of the Brazilian producer Lucas Soares Nassar (Toadstool). 
Toadstool project started in mid 2014, and in mid- 2016 released their first ep , showing all his techniques over those two years of the project. The ep has a strong extraterrestrial influence, obscure athmospheres, frenetic beats and rhythms, and a lot of psychedelia in high bpm.


1. Toadstool - Extraterrestrial Phobia - 210 to 230 

2. Toadstool - Abduction Operation - 230 bpm 

3. Toadstool - Inserting the Chip - 230 bpm

4. Toadstool - Leaving Behind - 240 bpm

Label: Shamanism Records
Written & Produced
by: Toadstool

released August 30, 2016

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