After a few years without releasing any EP or album from the project Bash, he is back full power and decided to release with us of Shamanism Records a new EP with 2 tracks of Bash and 1 track of Kernel Panic, other project from master Andreh Torres Aka. Bash / Kernel Panic / Interferenz / Nacho Libre.

1.Bash - Old Newcomer - 158 bpm 

2. Bash - Too Human For Outer Space - 160 bpm 

3. Kernel Panic - Init 2 - 184 bpm 

Label: Shamanism Recods
Write & produced by: André Torres Aka. Bash/Kernel Panic
Mastering by: 
André Torres Aka. Bash/Kernel Panic

released October 5, 2016
all rights reserved

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