After his first release Opolo Suaka, Jan Höhenwarter (Yawanawa) is back with his brand new EP! States of Existence describes the different types of human & non human existence. 

From the beginning to the end ! From birth to death 
creation & destruction 

Covered in an dark, melodical & deep musical experience! 

It all starts with the the splitting of some cells and the birth, Optimus Vivet represents creation & living ! 
But there’s not only live and the creation of things, there is also the opposite, Death! 
Asura, an Demon, who is trying to hold you on the otherside. 
Unit 731 shows you the dark side of our live, where death is an all time present thing. 
But there’s a way to escape! 
In the last chapter there are some secrets to explore. Secret’s of Black Magic. Indiginous secrets kept over thousands of years! 

Enjoy your journey between creation and destruction.


1. Yawanawa - Optimus Vivet - 175 bpm

2. Yawanawa - Asura - 190 bpm

3. Yawanawa - Unit 731 - 188 bpm

4. Yawanawa - Black Magic Secrets - 200 bpm

Written & Produced: Jan Höhenwarter (Yawanawa) 
Label: Shamanism Records 
Mastering: Alpscore 
Artwork: Sectumsempra Art

released April 5, 2018 
all rights reserved

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