Stone Jungle Robots is the name of the first ep of the Brazilian producer Daniel Andrade Meireles aka. YUXIBU.

He is proudly bringing a journey into his own vision of the world, a chaotic world where the forest is increasingly forgotten and machines are taking more and more space. All this through 4 tracks produced this year in his studio in Berlin

1.Yuxibu - Alone At Home - 180 bpm 
2.Yuxibu - Sick Dude - 188 bpm 
3.Yuxibu - Against the machines - 192 bpm 
4.Yuxibu - Stone Jungle Robots - 195 bpm 

Written & Produced by: Yuxibu
Release by: Shamanism Records
Mastering by: Freak Attack
Artwork by: Angela Gab

released December 4, 2019

First of all, I would like to thank me for believing in my own work. And also my family and all my true friends who always support me as well as Alien Chaos for teaching me a lot of stuff last year, Freak Attack for the mastering and Angela Gab for the ArtWork.

all rights reserved

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