Shadow Leads

Pedro Vieira is the name behind the psychodysleptic project called Shadow Leads. The project has been appearing and incorporating analogical and metallurgic timbres, creating a very unique sound, all with a lot of applied study. His references come from Metal, such as: Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, where it is possible to understand his drum sequences, and his FM leads, bass aggressive, constant and with a lot of grooves, bringing to a highly technological and at the same time anarchic plan. The silence, the uncertainty, the darkness, everything seems to be one in what is the imposed reality where the illusory shadows elevated by the system are found.

The project is inspired by artists such as Atim, Audiopathik, Impertinent, Zik, Apollyon, Zumbi Scream, and others.

Did our ancestors try to explain an ancient alien technology by suggesting that extraterrestrial visitors were divine because they have wings like birds?

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