The Alien Chaos & Yata-Garasu projects are worlds appart, but yet so close. We present two of the most original and established artist's in the dark scene. Alien Chaos bringing the hard pumping teck sounds, to the brutal emotional sounds of yata-garasu. But when these 2 come together... some magic happens. These 2 artist's have been working together for years now, continuing their evolution of their sounds as an individual and as a team. We are honored to present you this blaster split album of 2 worlds colliding! 



1. Yata-Garasu & Alien Chaos & Varázsló - The abyss - 200bpm
2. Alien Chaos - Neural Symphony - 200bpm

3. Yata-Garasu - Deus Lo Vult - 220bpm

4. Alien Chaos, Yata-Garasu - Taste The Poison - 264bpm

5. Yata-Garasu - La esposa de mis sueños - 190bpm

6. Alien Chaos - Decoded By Aliens - 200bpm

7. Yata-Garasu - The Fairy's Secret Tea Party - 196bpm

8. Alien Chaos, Yata-Garasu - Mind Explorer - 172bpm

Written & Produced by: Alien Chaos & Yata-Garasu 
Artwork: Alien Chaos 
Mastering: Alien Chaos 
Release by: Shamanism Records

released August 20, 2018
all rights reserved

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