Douglas Carlos is the name behind the Treme Terra project, involved with the electronic scene
Brasilia a long time, in 2011 decided to show us his darker   personality,
starting play Full on Night in June 2011, and the next party moved to the shed which lives up to its name: dark forest, with a much more serious and psychedelic footprint, and bpms the way that we like. Treme Terra comes with "blood we eyes," his will is unmatched in time to show the essence
more serious forest, one of the main factors that contributed to its recognition in the scene
underground all over the country, its total control over the track is extremely high when trembles earth passes,
you enter trance, it is simply inevitable.

Trembles earth makes up the team of shamanism and diffuse Brazilian Label and one of the pioneers
in the underground scene. Not simply, Douglas is part of the casting of a living legend in Brazilian lands,
Family Forest, makes up the team of DJs

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