Viatoxik, whose real name is Pedro Soares, was born in 1983 in the village of Mesão Frio, (Portugal). He began his career as a DJ at around 15 years, private parties, bars, and nightclubs. Peter (Viatoxik), began his psychedelic experience in 2002 as DJ Psykaos, a project that over time has come to mature as well as its ability to dominate the trance culture. In 2005, already with just a psychedelic culture in the world is born Viatoxik the project, a project which aims to achieve its own ideology and vision around psychedelia. Viatoxik has improved his technique, performing solo projects as well as in common with other artists, which has allowed him to consolidate and affirm their art as a music producer. This has already published some of his works and promises to revolutionize the state and his own musical style

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