Yata-Garasu project was created by Paul Hoeylaerts in the fall of 2004.


Ever since I could walk & talk music has been the most important thing in my life & still is 1 until this day, growing up with classical music from my mother & Italian from my father I was well diversified in the music world @ a very young age.


Thanks to my ''weird'' family if came in contact with ''Goa'' ''psychedelic trance'' @ At a very young age back in the early 90s, that started listening to the pioneers of ''Goa'' while also being exposed & listening to artist's such as Aphex Twin back then when I was very young, all those different styles of music combined @ that tender age ...well you guessed it, always made me the ''oddball'' in school, with my friends, etc ...


Fast forward to the year 2000, when I started DJ'ING metal @ my local youth cafe, years later that metal, changed to DJ'ING: hip hop & then techno. Fast forward to the year 2004, when I was hard into the ''psychedelic'' scene again, when I was painting decorations to put up @ party's here in Belgium, we had a crappy DJ booth back @ the studio we painted our decorations, I started to mix ''psytrance'' for the 1rst time earlier in 2004, while it felt new & refreshing I rapidly started to become quite good @ mixing psytrance & figuring the music out, so later that year a friend of mine installed FL3 studio on my P.c back @ my parents home, so I began experimenting with that until finally:


In the fall of 2004 I made my very first ''psytrance'' track under the name: Yata-Garasu & therefore created my own style of psytrance called ''Emotionpsy''. Fast forward 12 years now, when I am writing this down as we speak (2016), I have been releasing too many tracks to keep count on @ to many labels to keep track of and, released 4 full albums (so far), 2 E. P's, compiled a couple of great compilations for a couple of labels, became vice press. Of ''Horrordelic records'' also on ''skitzophrenik lifeform records'' & started my own label ''Terpsichora Records'' after 12 years.


I've been blessed to have played the very last edition of ''psycrowdelica'' back in 2014(GER). & have been able to work with some other great names in the ''psytrance'' scene, but also am I pushing to keep the real & fresh talent alive & kicking by helping out new & upcoming talent the best way I can & also by working together with them on numerous occasions.


What does the future bring for the Yata project ? well, there are albums, E. P's, V. A's & of course lots & lots of collaborations coming up with the future's brightest! So keep an eye out, & remember to: OPEN YOUR MIND, CLOSE YOUR EYES, PRESS PLAY & FLY AWAY ... yours truly paul hoeylaerts.

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